segunda-feira, maio 06, 2013

None of the 99-plus readers commentators, if I am not mistaken, endorsed the philosophical and economical view of the great Von Mises. The 'politics of envy' is actually a double-edged sword: tha phrase's corollary is the sum of increasing welfare programs on behalf of a supposed equality, which is impossible to attain in social practice. If social envy is seen, as it often occurs, as a result of exploration, the natural policy to be suggested is of course redistribution of income - i.e. governmental confiscation of income "unjustly acquired" by the filthily rich and its subsequent "recovery" by the petty and the slippery, its 'rightful' owners. A correct identification of the causes for poverty is very much critical, and there's the rub problem. The crux is farther up, folks. Anyway, I really like this Guardian commentator and his article is quite good.

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